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Sure, Fine, Whatever.

An appropriate strategy for dealing with the curveballs of life.

24 December 1979
I am who I am, and have been since the day I was born (really? That's open to that old nature/nurture debate which quite frankly, will never be resolved) - a tribute to my biggest talent: the ability to endure (yeah, this is true). I believe in many things, especially those things that are positive and hopeful (yeah, I really, really do). I fear the darkness that lives in the half-empty glass and anything that would make life seem in shadow (in other words, I don't wanna be a miserable git). This does not mean that I run from the shadow; I prefer to fight it (because I don't want to be a miserable git). I like to have layers on layers in my life and to feel the pleasure of having my mind perfectly and seamlessly (well, kind of) intact (I like being sane and logical, but I'm human; how often could that truly happen?). I am struggling not to care so much about what others think and to just be myself. I don't think that it is a fault to be honest, nor do I think it's wrong to hide yourself in your real world facade. It's essential. (See? I'm actually very contradictory.)

Still trying to debate what level of self-importance I possess. I certainly can be abrasive, forceful, a bit self-absorbed and completely engrossed in the feelings and thoughts of the moment, be that the current situation, a person I'm with or have been around. That's part of the intensity of my focus. I know for a fact that I have a lot of pride, am very independent and self-sufficient and don't like anyone to compromise that. So the edgy and unsoft aspects of my character must be added to the more pliant and gentle mix. I'm as much hell yeah as I am sensitive.

Wow. That was awfully deep - and also a little weird. But...

And no, I'm not so serious or intense. I can be the silliest, most random woman on the planet when the mood so takes me, as it often does. It's all part of being a Capricorn, so I'm told.

And there it is... a mixed up philosophical statement of sorts, randomness and self-deprecation. Perfect introduction to a person most of the people I know don't really know - which is arguably true of most people. How many of us can truly say that those closest to us really know our inner person in all its intricacy and rawness? I mean, how boring would the world be then!?!!

Mystery can be a very cool thing - which explains why I'm so damn curious. And rambling.


First post. Private. Please.

The WeatherPixie

(But I am bustier than that, it has to be said.)

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